A Jaunt in the Wine-Country Woods

I like Valentine's Day. But I don't like the overt and unnecessary social media, overhyped commercialism and unjustly high expectations surrounding it. "Look at this bunch of roses and champagne and chocolate AND OTHER STUPID OVERPRICED THINGS MY BOYFRIEND GOT ME OH MAN HE MUST LOVE ME HEY EVERYONE CHECK IT OUT!!!!" 


That said, here's what I did for Valentine's Day. This year, I wanted to do something a little different and stray from the path of the typical showmanship. I rented a little cabin in the woods of Healdsburg, CA, I found on Airbnb  that had no internet, no TV, no cell reception. It was perfection! When's the last time you really connected with someone  using only a crackling fire and a bottle of wine to grease the conversation? Try it sometime. I bet you'll find it refreshing to avoid the bombardment of self-indulged I'm-only-posting-this-on-Facebook-because-I-want-to-prove-to-everyone-how-happy-I-am stuff and create a memorable connection with someone special.