In my first job out of college, I served as a reporter/photojournalist dual-threat at my local newspaper, covering breaking news and writing feature stories as well as documenting the whole 3.5 years through my lens. Some of my best times were spent out in the field and on the phone covering local stories.

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Residents await new bridge after collapse: Fire chief says 19-ton vehicle necessary on medical calls

A fire engine dispatched from the Loyola Station in response to a medical emergency April 4 needed rescuing after a bridge over Permanente Creek collapsed under the vehicle’s weight. While the crew escaped unharmed and successfully answered the 911 call, the engine stayed behind.

A fire truck collapsed a bridge under its weight in Los Altos. 

A fire truck collapsed a bridge under its weight in Los Altos. 

Approximately three-quarters of the way across the private wooden bridge, support snapped and the nearly 20-ton truck was caught between the banks of the creek. The accident, near the intersection of Miramonte Avenue and Aura Way, left approximately 12 cottages beyond the bridge temporarily without vehicle access.

City planner David Kornfield said he spoke with the property owner, Sal Giovannotto of Palo Alto-based Vittoria Management, who may be able to install a temporary bridge soon. Calls to Vittoria went unreturned as of the Town Crier’s Monday deadline, but Kornfield said the property owner had opened a resident’s backyard for pedestrian access to Holly Avenue April 4.

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